About Us – How we can help you with manage your data.

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About us

Welcome to Habanero Data. We are a passionate about Data Management, Business Intelligence as well as Analytics & Data Visualisation. We pride ourselves in providing data solutions to our clients to meet their business needs. We help you choose the best solution and then we implement it and offer support services where necessary. Our dedicated team of BI professionals are committed to providing you with innovative BI solutions that are extensible, flexible, stable, self-managing and scalable.

What we do?

Our mission is to help companies understand and manage their data, discover insights and create a shared understanding that drives business forward. Habanero Data has the experience and knowledge to analyse the scope of a project and plan for an effective solution that fulfils our clients requirements. We work with clients in various sectors to find affordable data solutions that are appropriate and effective.

We provide bespoke database solutions to different kinds of businesses ranging from small to medium sized companies. We use a wide range of tools from Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence to help you manage your data more efficiently. We also offer Data Analysis, ETL, Reporting services as well as Data Visualisation.

Habanero Data’s Approach

Our solutions are tailor-made to the requirements of your business. We seek to create long-term working relationships with all our clients. Hence, we become experts in your industry and become the technology you need to help drive your business forward. We then work with you closely and make you more profitable through leveraging our expertise in providing data solutions. Our main mission is to help you manage your data more efficiently and to grow your business.

We understand that no job task is too insignificant. You may have been using a Microsoft Access application for your business, and you are considering incorporating Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence. Or you could be in the market for better Reporting solutions. We are glad to offer you our expertise based on your business requirements and enable you propel your company forward.

Check Out Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to help you to efficiently manage data. They include:

  • Data Visualisation – Representing data visually for easier understanding.
  • Data Integration – Creating a single data storage for multiple business applications.
  • Business Intelligence – Transforming raw data to useful information to be used for analysis.
  • Reporting – Formatting database results for use in analysis and decision-making.
  • Database Development – Identifying business requirements and creating a suitable database.
  • Data Analysis – Inspecting, cleaning or modelling data to support decision-making.

Need any more convincing? Feel free to get in touch with us directly and we shall be glad to answer all your questions promptly!

Our Clients

We are always happy to help no matter the query