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Experts all agree that business intelligence can help companies become more efficient, determine new business opportunities and discover areas that can help them save money. With the use of business intelligence software, companies are able to understand key business metrics that include sales. They are also able to predict future performance.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence or BI is a concept that has become important in recent years. It is a data analysis process that allows businesses to improve their performance. It helps executives and other users make smarter business decisions. The process utilises various tools, methodologies, and applications that allow businesses to collect data and create insightful reporting and data visualisations. Results from business intelligence help organisations in their fast informed decision making process. It provides business value out of your data.

In the past, IT professionals where required to come up with data-driven decisions. But with the advancement of technology, business executives and workers can use self-service BI and other data discovery tools. Now businesses can access the raw data from their data warehouse and run an analysis to help with their decision-making processes.

What are the Benefits of Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is used in optimising business processes. Businesses are able to get answers to their business problems right away. Thus, it helps in a gaining competitive advantage over your rival business. With the use of BI tools, you are able to get insight in customer behavior and discover trends as they happen. You can analyse historical information to identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. BI software such as Microsoft Business Intelligence, allows the user to create or improve predictive models that will help discover opportunities to improve their bottom line.

Business intelligence also allows executives access to source systems and generate vital metrics reports whenever they need them. The reports can be read on any device, whether it is a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Lastly, BI removes the guesswork in decision-making process.

What is Our Approach to Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server?

We specialise in providing business intelligence solutions with the use of SQL server platform. Microsoft has improved the business intelligence capabilities of SQL server that allowed us to provide better analysis of raw data. We strive to keep BI as user-friendly as possible. Our BI system will provide the right information to executives that are collected from various sources. Through Microsoft SQL Server plugins, users are able to access the back end of their server to discover vital data, generate reports and share the data with other users. Our SQL server system helps companies in their decision-making process. We make sure that our BI solutions are cost effective and easy to use.

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