Data Integration

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What is Data Integration?

Data integration is an essential component in many businesses today as it combines business and technical processes to transform data from different sources into meaningful information for the company. A full data integration system is one that can provide discovery, monitoring, transforming, cleaning, and delivery of information from various sources.

For companies that have projects that are data-centric where gathering disparate data sources is a must to complete the said project, the use of data integration where the latest ETL tool is used to extract and in preparing data can be beneficial especially when big data is being processed. With data integration, information management will be easier because the load of data, regardless of their format, will undergo transformation from multiple sources into a single data warehouse in order to gain one view of critical information and move said data accordingly.

What are the Steps in Data Integration?

In order for integration projects to become successful, there are a few steps that you should take into consideration. First, you should identify the kind of data you will need, the targets or key partners in the projects and how to reach them. Second, you should also determine how often data should be migrated to the warehouse. Third, create unique key records to avoid duplicates during data integration. Fourth, determine whether your integration projects will be one-way or two-way since the latter means longer timeline. Fifth, all transformations in your current data storage should be documented especially when the change will take effect and who will be handling the changes.

How Does Data Integration Help Your Organisation?

Data integration can help you understand, monitor, cleanse, transform, and deliver information and at the same time bridge the gap between IT and business. Delivery of data can be achieved through the use of bulk ETL (Extract, Transform & Load), incremental or virtual delivery of data. With data integration, transformations of data will be done accurately in order to help your business grow.

Our Data Integration Product

For companies who are in need of data migration services, our SQL Server Integration Services or SSIS, can help. SSIS is basically a platform for both workflow and data integration applications where flexible and fast data warehousing tools are used for information extraction, transformation, as well as loading.

Through our product, processing and moving information from one source to your data warehouse will be easier as well as cleaning, processing, transforming, and delivering of information to you and your key partners in your data integration project. Our tool will help you balance both the business side and IT side of your company for a smoother and better operation. Data integration is a must for all businesses that need quick access to large amounts of data that are related to the project on hand.

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