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We create visual representations that let you “see” your data instead of reading columns of numbers. Our expertise in data discovery tools enables us to produce stunning dashboards, which can give you insights and trends in your business at a glance. Thus, our services empower you to make strategic and smart decisions.

What is data visualisation?

Data visualisation is a way to make your data more meaningful. It allows you to visualise your data through the use of graphs, dashboards and charts, just to name a few. It allows you to discover possibilities, patterns and other data that can be used to lead your company towards success. It is not just a trend or new technology. For centuries, people have used visual representations such as maps and charts to understand information more quickly and easily. It is faster for people to get the meaning of the data when they are displayed in the form of graphs and charts, instead of reading spreadsheets and reports.

What Data Visualisation tools do we use?

There are several Data Visualisation tools available, but we use only the best to provide you with the results that you can easily understand. Below are the tools we use:

PowerBI is a cloud service from Microsoft. It allows you to share and access Excel reports on any device. It allows our team to collaborate in creating the reports. The tool works with Excel seamlessly and allows everyone within the organisation to work on the data available.

Tabluea allows us to connect and visualise data within minutes. Then we can create a dashboard with just a couple of clicks and it online or through mobile devices. While it allows anyone to analyse data through its drag and drop feature, our trained analysts will be able to provide more effective reporting services.

Qlikview is the most flexible business intelligence platform that turns raw data into something useful. The software provides a new level of insight and analysis without using too much resource.

What can we create?

We will help you discover valuable information from your raw data and turning them into graphs, storytelling, charts, and dashboards. Whether you provide us with an excel file, business object, database or any other source, we can extract the important data from it and give you meaningful results. We create meaningful reports that your organisation needs.

What are the benefits of data visualisation?

When you are able to visualise your data, you can greatly improve your marketing capabilities. It provides you with important insights into your customers that can help you make smart decisions. You will also get full value from your data. Data visualisation can also greatly improve your ROI. With data visualisation, you gain access to easy to understand information. Our services will convert your data into dashboards that can save you time and resource.

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